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I should have done this earlier. But well, I really haven't had the time until now.

I signed up for Boca Java's blog review program. Link= and as part of the deal, I have to review one of their coffees.  I think sharkskitten and I have tried all 6 blends.  They've all been pretty darn good.  Though I need to do a more complete review just to make myself feel better, "pretty darn good"  just isn't enough.  So no further ado...

Boca Java
Blogger's Boot Up Blend

Their description:

Log on to an amazing medium blend of African, Central, and South American Coffees.  Rich taste and smooth finish for the perfect breakfast blend.

Well, I could definitely taste the African beans.  They add a pleasant earthiness to the blend that would anchor it nicely if the Central and South American beans hadn't been over roasted.  For me, a good morning blend, especially one that's suppose to boot me up should be a lighter roast.  Something that retains more caffein and has a more pequant bite.  Perhaps a light city roasted Costa Rican or Mexican bean would have been better.  Not that it was entirely unpleasant.  It just didn't live up to the name it was given.  This one just kind of slowly brought me up to speed this morning.  Not really a boot up.
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